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#16009 Jus Another CMax Review....

Posted by Jus-A-CMax on 20 April 2013 - 02:29 AM

Welcome to the Jus-A-CMax review of the 2013 Ford CMax. 
About Me
I am a CMax owner/driver and a real estate appraiser in the Los Angeles and Ventura County. Typically I spend a lot of time in the car going from job to job. I also spend a lot of time waiting for clients and also shooting "comparable" properties around the subject neighborhood. I also try to keep fit and use the car to go to the gym as much as I can, and play golf. So yes, when you see my Trip computer for 600+ miles a tank and I spent 20 hrs in the car - I did that, its what I do and I enjoy my job.
About the Roads/Freeways
In LA county, I typically do the San Fernando valley, Westlake Vlllage, North Ranch, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades and Malibu. In Ventura county, I do Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Port Hueneme, Newbury Park, Oxnard.
Typically I do about 50-120 miles a day, or at least a tank a week. I drive on the major freeways here: 118, 101, 23, 134, 170. Highways include Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and East Los Angeles, all the canyon arterials and a ton of surface streets. After all, no houses are along the Freeways..at least no reputable ones.
For those not familiar with the terrain, the 118 typically runs east-west, climbing up to Rocky Peak and then it drops down to Simi Valley. Running in parallel with the 118 is the 101 and you have connecting roads arterial roads that run north-south like Topanga or Box Canyon or the 23 Freeway. Contrary to popular belief, the 118 and 101 are not flat, there are rolling hills and peaks. Here's a Google map of the area that I typically drive:



About the Car - Initial Impressions
I have never owned a hybrid. My past work car was a 1998 Camry and a super high end 2006 Jaguar Vanden Plas, a true luxury cruiser with stunning Jaguar look and drive. However, the Camry had the gong so its time to pick up a fuel efficient car mainly for my work. The CMax was not even on my top list - the Fusion Hybrid was, followed by the regular Prius and CMax and the Jetta TDI.
The Fusion hybrid was not in stock so out of curiosity to see how a Ford hybrid would perform - I decided to test drive the CMax with Miguel. 1st drive - I was blown away - WHAT A CAR  :rockon:
The physical stand out attributes of the CMax were:
1. The visibility of the road from the drivers position. I could see more of the road and surroundings than the 2013 Fusion Hybrid. This was due to the higher seating position which allow a more top-down view unlike a typicaly sedan where you're lower. I also like the fact that the glass was also "not in may face" ala Prius. 
2. The seating position. Felt spacious and roomy. I did not feel cramped, everything was logical and well laid out. I could swivel in and out of the leather seats with no worries. Unlike the sedans where I had to rise up.
3. I liked the 60/40 fold down flat seats and the room in the back.
4. The kick to open the liftgate was nice.
5. The interior lighting was awesome - just the nice touches you could change the mood inside the car.
6. Park Assist - scary good.
7. Rear view camera - I cannot tell you how many times this little camera has allowed me to do clean, 3 point reverse turns and get close to the bins and all, without running into them. I  :wub2:  this llil camera.
However, the most standout note about the CMax - performance! For a little car, I was thinking these hybrid electric/gas motors were crap. After all, I did drive my neighbors' 2010 Prius (thanks neighbor) and the pep was not there and it was slow to react. To be honest, I did not see these "super mileage" the times I drove the Prius and I nearly got burnt - driving the car on fumes to the gas station at one time - near oooops.
So when I fanged the CMax up the freeway on-ramp on the test drive, I was super, super surprised by the pickup and get up and go this car had. This was important part of my decision - I had climbed the Malibu canyons in my Camry, and they are steep. Infact, its a joke among appraisers that a certain hybrid cars can't go up these steep roads due to lack of power and I, for one, was not going to be stuck with such a car.  
It was an easy decision so I purchased my CMax from Galpin Motor Company in Van Nuys during the 2012 Thanksgiving Sale and picked up the car on December 6. Sale guy was Miguel Lopez and this is my 4th car from Galpin, just go to show what customer service they give to have my family and I coming back, car after car (shout to CarlosP). 

This was the final specification for my CMax:
White Platinum, built in October 2012
My Ford Touch 3.1.3 (*sigh)
SEL with everything loaded except the moon roof. The car came with the additional tinting on the rear passenger windows, thanks to Galpin Auto Sports. Luv the tint  :)
After 12,500 Miles
So what are my thoughts after clocking more than 12,500 miles in over 4 months:
1. Spacious, Spacious carry room. I have to say, I own a TARDIS!!!!! Yes, the famed Dr.Who TARDIS - small on the outside but a city on the inside. My wife and I decided to make the CMax our snow car - and boy, do we  :wub2:  the space in the back where we can fit our entire ski/snowboard, food, alcohol, snow shovels and gear for our days away skiiing at Mammmoth mountain.  The 40/60 split seat is great, I can carry my ladder for my job when inspecting the attic.
2. Superb handling. The CMax is a front wheel drive car and it really handles well. My favourite run is Box Canyon and I will encourage all the local Angelinos with a CMax to try this route from the 118 down to the 101 (via Valley Circle). Tight pin turns and this car just sticks and steering is precise. Point the steering there and the car is going there.
3. Mileage. This is the most controversial and probably most talked about part of the Ford CMax. No thanks to a few website "reviews" that slammed the car as a 37MPG car, we all know who they are but as I said, they have no skin in the game and after a week or 2, they are done while the real owners like you and I, we get to know our cars really, really well.
I was not a hybrid driver when I first got the car, I had no clue - back in the days for me to save gas with the Camry, I would roll down the Rocky Peak or any slope in neutral - that was all I could do. However, the CMax has opened my eyes as to what is possible. And THANKS  to this website and original posters like ptjones, I was able to learn quickly about the CMax and how to maximize my mileage.
After 12,500 miles, for me, I can say with confidence and back it up with my fuelly running stats, my CMax is a 47+ MPG car.
I disclosed the areas that I drive - mountains, hills, freeways, highways, surface streets and I have done 5 long hauls from Los Angeles to Mammoth Lakes (a 570 mile round trip each) and as I stressed, even at full load and in cold temperatures and 500 ft to 7,800 ft over 285 miles and back down, my CMax was able to achieve an increasing MPGs during the engine break-in to where I am averaging 45MPGs in my last 2 trips:

Here is a snapshot of my fuelly.com statistics:
Not too bad for a "Bloated Focus" as some critics have called this car  ;)

C-Max and the cold
Yes, I have been blessed to live in SoCal where the temps are consistently mild or high temperatures. Occasionally, in the winter night, it may drop to 35 or 40. Driving in Mammoth when it snows and blizzard is about as cold as it gets in my driving experience. What I do find with the CMax in the cold is that it takes almost feel forever to heat up the ICE, resulting in usually a full battery (good) but you have burnt some fuel. Also, in the real 0 and below cold, even with a full battery, driving in EV feels almost like it's almost no battery - there seems to be no power or punch in EV.  Use of grill covers (as designed by ptjones, a fellow poster here), may help and some owners have reported 2 to 5 MPG difference with the grill cover and far, far less time to warm up the engines. Do your research on this. I don't use grill covers because I don't have these low temps for long but someone in Alaska, its a different story.

Engine Break-In
The manual says 1,000 miles to break-in the engine. Some Ford Engineers has quoted 3,000. In my experience and also looking at the "Mammoth to San Fernando" statistics, I would say the engine break-in really starts to have an effect on MPG at 3,000 miles on the odometer. Then it will rise and rise to about 10,000 and level out at 11,000. My Mammoth stat show this and it's a good sample because of the most consistent & similar temperature, mileage and same load to derive my conclusion. 
Why does it take so long to break in a gas engine? My thought is that being a hybrid vehicle, the ICE is on "part time" (unlike a conventional car where the 1,000 mile rule of thumb is applicable). If you drive FE like me, it's even less as you want to maximize your mileage with less ICE as possible except for acceleration. My advice: Be patient and enjoy the car, the engine will break-in on its own time. As to how much of an improvement this break-in will give you - I think it depends on car to car and for me, this was worth at least 5 MPGs.
So what's my secret sauce?
"Secret" sauce implies some magical spice or some black, hidden procedures or technique - no such thing. What I do is within what Ford has given us but really it comes down to understanding how you use your body and also your mind to drive a car. For me, long gone are the days of "pedal to the metal" and continuous gas in an all-gas-engine car. 
The common misconception with hybrid/hypermiling is to drive like an elderly. No, that is not the case. You are slow in accelerating but it does not mean you do 20 mph in 35 mph zone. Don't do that - its dangerous and STUPID. My driving has been to keep witin -3 and +5 for surface speed limits and about the same for freeway. Watch the rear to make sure you don't annoy the driver behind you and stay to the right.
1. Your right foot. Learn to feather the pedal and feel the car especially when in EV mode. Feather means controlling the right pedal to give it the minimal  power (EV or ICE) to maintain your nominated cruising speed. Most drivers make a big mistake to push FULL EV power when in reality, perhaps a 1/4 of the power is enough to keep you at speed. VERY IMPORTANT - when accelerating, learn to keep the power white bar up to the second bar, this is where the car will charge the battery (see the red marked area is where your battery recharge zone is) and be patient in keeping it there till you reach your cruising speed:
Any higher and it will start to suck the battery.
Also, take note that at higher battery level, this "red box" range (see above) is even smaller, typically just under the 2 bar level. Learn to play with it.
Question: Do I use the EV or not? Most hypermilers say "Don't use EV". Let me say, I believe in using EV. Typical hypermiler thinking is use ICE only. However, imo, unlike previous hybrids from other companies, where the batteries were smaller and the EV threshold was even smaller, Ford went the opposite way with higher threshold speed for EV with more aggressive regen and larger batteries. It makes sense to utilize EV to some extent instead of ICE that burns gas. Gas is limited to 13.5 gallons but EV you can regen and regen using power and coasting, and if you hit the slope and glide down - thats automatic EV there. Based on my observation, the EV in CMax actually works the best at speed between 25mph and 55mph - eventhough the threshold is 63mph. You get more "bang for your EV bucks" at the surface street vs freeway speeds.
For beginners, this "feathering" is the hardest thing you will learn to do with your new C-Max but master it and the C-Max will reward you with MPG riches.
2. Don't drain the battery all the way down, regen as high as practical say, 80% and work it down to 50% and repeat. How do you regen? Pulse & Glide (say 2 second of acceleration, let it run for 3-5 seconds or speed based). Alternatively, simply just use eco-cruise (set at say 66mph and press the cruise button to let the car speed up and regen. Then take it off and cycle again. Why HIGH battery? I find the most use of EV at above 50%, you can maintain greater speeds and "feathering" in EV seems to get more mojo for the effort. Also, having high battery has another advantage...see below.
3. ICE High MPG (what is this?) . Use ICE High MPG when you see a long stretch of gentle uphill freeway, this will allow you to take the car > 65mph and give you 40-60 instant MPG but be patient while the battery charges up to the level it needs to "play" and then double tap. Don't be tempted to go into full EV or use EV if you're gonna do this run, keep with your strategy. NOTE: At the minimum, you'll do 40MPG and if you make it dance, you are rewarded with 40 to 60 MPGs...but it is very terrain sensitive! 
4. Start from a standstill in EV - take it from zero to about 10 mph in traffic and kick in ICE, this will keep your car with traffic but stay on the right lane. Even better: 15 mph or 20 mph when there is no traffic. IMO, the battery has superb torque, perfect to start the CMax from standstill,  so lets take full advantage of it. Buring gas to start your car, while providing quicker acceleration, is a waste of gas since once gas is gone, its gone.
Surface streets: 0 -> EV -> 15mph -> ICE-> 40 mph -> Glide to 35 mph and feather EV to maintain 35 mph. Rinse and repeat.

5. I learnt the hard way, climbing any steep grade is a severe burn on gas. My thinking here is that you'll reach the top eventually but are you willing to spend the gas to get there 5 minutes earlier?
For me, I stick to the right lane, power bar up to the second level where the battery charges and climb (typical speed here is 55 mph but its up a steep grade) and turn up the music to kill the drone of ICE and relax. I easily save a lot of gas doing this and I do this manually by feathering the pedal to keep the power level at 2. You can always climb faster - that's the beauty of the CMax and 188HP but you give up fuel to do it. Eco-cruise is not that effective so manual is the way to go. ** Important to stay in the right lane so you don't PO the other drivers who like to climb and burn gas. Wave to them.
6. Burst Pulse & Glide. P&G is a very common hypermiler trick. It basically means you drive the car to a certain speed (aka pulse phase), take your foot off and the engine shuts down and the car will start to coast and drop speed (glide) phase. Now, based on my experience and with a high level battery charge, I have a variation to the normal P&G...take the acceleration to between 2.5 to 3 bar (see above) and count 1000, 2000 or 3000 and then glide it for 3 seconds, rinse and repeat. This has 2 effects, the sudden acceleration kicks in some battery use so you're not burning pure gas but just enough to give you positive (forward momentum) until the negative momentum (glide phase kicks in) - and its important to understand here is that the battery regen is from the glide phase (not pulse!) so you will regen slowly. As compared to a slow, constant 2 bar burn with the ICE regen, this seems more FE effective in certain situations...just remember to count the pulse phase and not overburn. Deadly effective in the 35 mph streets (and combined with some subtle EV feathering power=awesomeness).
Another common question: with P&G, how quick or slow to pulse? My thoughts - some people drive it 1 bar and accelerate slowly. I use the 2 bar to accelerate quicker. My belief is that the Atkinson ICE is more efficient at higher loads so I prefer to take it to the 2 bar (just under the cut off for the regen). For me, a 1 bar burn means you are using gas for a much longer time and it becomes a burn rate vs time fight. I prefer to load up the ICE at 2 bar & brisk acceleration & regen at the same time = max benefit. IMO.
7. Battery Management.  What is this? Since when do I need to manage my battery! C'mon....
Let's get down to the fact - this is a hybrid, it has a battery. As much as Ford wants to make life SO EASY, if you truly want to maximize your MPGs you need to understand the battery, State of Charge (SOC) and speed. So I am going to break this down as simple as I can, after all what can you do to manage a sophisticated battery with just the right pedal? Right?!?!?!

  • Freeways: Driving freeways, in order to use the battery, you have to keep the speed under 63mph. This is fact - the higher the SOC, the more use of battery. An almost full battery provides more sustained EV driving than one which is at 1/3 level. Use Pulse&Glide to build battery especially if you use the 2 bar pulse acceleration. When you start the EV run, have a lower speed limit decided - this will be point which you will then start your battery regen pulse again. Ideal bandwidth is like 70% to 50% and use the glide coast and kick in EV at the end to sustain the glide phase as long as possible. Do not let it drain all the way down to 1/3 as then you waste a ton of gas building the SOC back to a useful 70% again. So your battery management here is like: Accelerate at 2 bar to 65mph, let it glide down to 60 mph, immediately kick in EV power as much as needed to sustain the speed but it will inevitably drop to around 58mph and when it does, go back to the start of this sentence and repeat. Use ICE High MPG is you want speeds > 65 mph (there - watch how high the SOC goes!)
  • Highway: Similar to Freeway, just lower speeds and similar bandwidth the battery strategy. You will observe the battery giving you more miles for the juice (vs freeways).
  • Surface Street: Similar bandwidth but this time you can drop the lower point of the battery regen to 1/3. Why this now? You just told me a different story in the freeway! So let me explain - here are facts with surface street driving - traffic lights. You will stop more so you regen FAR MORE than on freeway and highway. Also, these lower speeds means the CMax EV motor is more capable - not running at the upper end and sucking the battery like it does while freeway/highway driving. Lower speeds allows for a more meaningful use of the battery even at the lower end of SOC. And I can regen up to 60% within 3 stop lights. Get it?

Here is reality - what I just said does not make much sense until you try this in your CMax and start feeling and seeing what you battery is doing.

8. Most important - know the roads/terrain you are driving! Think strategy - where can you maximize your FE? For example, I use some gas to climb a little on 118 west to Rocky Peak but then I turn left to drop down Box Canyon, this gives me a great number of miles of just EV across the entire valley and a nice full battery - as versus using the 405 and 101 freeways where you just burn more gas - not efficient and not necessarily saving you that much time either since there are almost no traffic on my Bxo Canyon route. Speaking of traffic - it isn't too bad in traffic either - hybrids were designed for traffic with all the start and stop and braking....turn up the Sony music and enjoy  :)
There are a lot of ways to play this mileage game. But you also don't have to play - drive it like a normal car if you want but know that the game will reward you with incredible MPG. The key is understanding your body, the car and the road. I say "body" because if you can't control your right foot, it's hard and I know, took me a long time to figure out the "feathering" myself. The car is all about knowing what its telling you - it's going flat, downgrade or upgrade, wind in an instant just by the feel and the momentum and you pick how you drive from what its telling you. The road, your selection of which route to take makes a world of difference to your MPG: freeway vs highways, drop down roads to maximize EV and so forth. 

600+ miles anyone?
I use to think 600 miles was a higher barrier to break in a CMax. However, since then I have broken 750 and on 06/25/2013, I broke the 800 miles on a single CMax tank (Suggested readings - see the links in my signature for the stories on the Journey and the 600 Mile CMax club threads)
For me personally, this car is GREAT in the freeway but as a surface street car, the CMax is a KILLER car which will give you 55+ MPG under the right roads & conditions.
Having said that, this is my personal best when I was driving > 50% freeway:
This is my best tank driving around the valley with no freeway or highways:
If you are going to try the 600 miles a tank, my suggestion is that you carry a spare 2 gallon in the back. I've nearly been burnt as one time I had to hit the Malibu hills and I was red most of the time and had more hills to climb. Focus on the "gal" line in the TRIP screen (see above), this is the gallons used. Knowing that a max, max, max of 12.90 recorded is probably the upper limit!
In real world experiences, there is typically a 0.3 difference between what's reported as gallons used and actual fill up. So CMax will say 12.50 gallons used and the pump will say 12.80. Then again, the pumps have different standards so you have variations as well - which is why I say, assume the "gal" line as the "better gauge" of how much actual fuel is used.
This is my LIFETIME...
Looking at that in Fuelly.com, those 30s tank fuel-up kills the average. On the other hand, my "running" MPG on Fuelly.com is high though: 47+ MPG so it is what it is.
Some Issues
There are some bad points, some serious, some not so much:
1. My Ford Touch navigation and 3.1.3. This is "tolerable" for now. Us early CMax adopters are stuck with the 3.1.3 and it's inherent issues with poor navigation tracking, continuous "Schedule Maintenance" or for me, sometimes it just plain loses track that its on a navigation and suppose to tell me where to go but instead - it goes "poof" into thin air all by itself. *sigh*
:yahoo:  UPDATE 05/24/2013:  Galpin Ford replaced my GPS unit and its been SUPERB, no more driving in the middle of houses. Part # is CJ5Z10E893C. Based on the information here, some owners are still having the navigation issue here with the 3.5.1 MFT update (see threads) and with my own experience with having this GPS unit replaced and still running the 3.1.3 MFT, it leads me to conclude there was a batch of bad GPS units out there. Also ArizonaEnergi (first to do the update I believe) also had his GPS unit replaced and he was running 3.1.3 fine as well. Yes, Yes, Yes
2. Voice command. Sometimes it works, sometime it doesn't. 
4. Liftgate - one or 2 kicks? Sometimes 1, sometimes 2, sometimes not at all. Great feature but wish it was implemented better. Who knows which side of the bed the liftgate got up from this morning...
:yahoo:  UPDATE 05/24/2013:  Galpin Ford applied TSB 13-5-6 and this is now a 1 kick to open the liftgate. Yah! Please note, this TSB does not appear in the mandatory update when your Ford Service Advisor search for the update number. Have them look by component - in this case "Liftgate" and the TSB will appear under there. Its a quick update and well worth it for the hassle free liftgate operation.
That's it.... 
There is no doubt, that this is one of Ford's best hybrid to date. As I said to the Ford Engineers at the Ford Irvine Pow-Wow in early Febuary 2013, if this is Gen 1, I would hate to think how good the next Gen of CMax is going to be given the effort put into this 1st Gen (yes, posters here argue if this is 1st gen or not but I am calling it 1st Gen cause its never been here and with a new powerplant as well).
Definitely, the strong and un-arguable points for the CMax is the seating, handling, power and utility. Sure it may not be as big in the back as a Prius V but the Vee will never, ever have the handling or power/climb like a CMax. That is fact. 
On the flipside, if you want fuel efficiency, it can do that but you are giving up the power and speed & travel time, to do this.
It's completely up to you and your RIGHT FOOT to decide how you want to drive the CMax - isn't that nice of Ford to give you such simplicity to make your decision?
Thanks for the read, hope this review help all your new Maxers out there and keep  :shift: , it gets better and better.

PS: I do not work for Ford, Galpin or have any professional associations with them, this review is based solely on my experiences. 

UPDATE: 04/20/2013 8:30AM added in the Engine Break In section.
04/20/2013 6:30PM Added fuelly.com chart.
06/28/2013 Updated with new thoughts and new 833.8 milestones.

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#39338 My first year with my CMax Hybrid.

Posted by HannahWCU on 20 January 2014 - 12:44 PM

I just past my one year anniversary with my CMax.  I was thinking I might share a few of my thoughts of my one year with my CMax.



2013 Candy Blue CMax Hybrid SE (with equipment group 203A)

Miles driven: 27,000

Overall MPG (calculated): 43.3

EV driven: 10,000

Brake score: 97%

$/mi: $0.076

Scheduled Dealer Visits: 3

Unscheduled Dealer Visits: 0 (all recalls completed during routine oil changes at 5k, 10k, and 20k)

Times left stranded: 1 (my fault, left the lights on overnight)


First let me get this out of the way:

Fuel economy – In my previous vehicle, a 2005 Dodge Neon, I was able to average 38mpg, in mostly highway driving, (vs. 32mpg EPA highway rating) in 18 months of tracking mpg.  So when I first saw the CMax rated at 47, I figured 50 was not out of the question. Even after reading of all the problems in achieving 47 I still thought 45-47 was obtainable based on my previous driving experiences.  After one year my average is just over 43mpg. Is 43 MPG bad?  No, not at all.  And actually, I have come to appreciate the tradeoff of some MPG for a quiet, solid feeling vehicle with plenty of room and power when you need it. But overall, MPG is still somewhat of a disappointment.


On to my review:

Things I like:

·         MPG – I know I said I was disappointed, but for what the car is, 43 MPG is pretty good. My record on one tank is 705 miles on 13.937 gallons (indicated on pump), for 50.6mpg. But if I just drive it, I average one fill-up per week traveling 430+ miles on 10 gallons of gas.

·         Space – I am 6’3” and over 300 pounds. This car has PLENTY of space.  Front and back.

·         Comfort – My butt can last longer than my bladder!!!

·         Quiet – The combination of the Hybrid drivetrain and sound deadening really makes this a quiet car.

·         Looks – I have gotten quite a few compliments on the looks of my car.  From people of all ages.

·         My Ford Touch – How can I list MFT as something that I like????  Well, I guess I am lucky and a bit of a techy.  I really have had none of the problem most people have with the system.  My Nav has worked fine since day one (built Oct. 2012).  I think I have had 2 reboots while driving and none since the newest update.  Granted, I don’t use the voice activated feature much.  But overall, I like the system.



Things I don’t like:

I really cannot think of anything I really dislike about my CMax.  The daylight sensor is annoying.  On my drives home, I drive into the sun, and the nav screen will switch back and forth between daylight (white background) and nighttime (black background) several times as I drive in and out of shadows.  And having it in the dealer for the recalls and MFT updates was annoying at times, but mostly because I HATE dealers and do not trust them for a minute. But that is part of being an early adopter (IMHO).


Final thoughts:

Would I have bought it in the first place had I know I would only get 43MPG? Probably.  Like I said, I am a big guy and it is hard to find a car with good space in them anymore. Would I buy one again knowing what I know now?  YES!  Would I get any different options/model?  Maybe.  I think I would like the seat warmers (they would have helped on that 4 degree morning we had the other day).  Overall, the Cmax is a nice quiet, roomy, people hauler.  It has power when I need it and with the back seat folded down, I can also haul quite a bit of stuff.

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#27968 Recall 13B07: Real world highway test

Posted by CMax-Traveler on 02 August 2013 - 08:47 PM

Hi everyone,


As promised I ran a pre- and post-update highway test.  Here are the details of the test:


1) Drive from home to a specific point on the highway and reset Trip 2.  This was about 10 miles, 7 miles highway, to fully warm up the vehicle and to get the battery charged to its typical highway charge level.  (1st row; 0.0 miles)

2) Set the Eco Cruise to 71mph, drive 9 miles, take a checkpoint photo.  This is one-way on the highway, somewhat hilly, and slightly uphill overall. (2nd row; 9.0 miles)

3) Exit the highway, U-turn, and head back the other way, again setting the Eco Cruise to 71 mph. Take a checkpoint photo at the same point where I started the test -- 21.3 miles.  (3rd row; 21.3 miles)

4) Return home, take another checkpoint photo.  (4th row; 30.9 miles)

5) For kicks, I added the trip summary, but the initial charges weren't quite the same.  (5th row; 40.3 miles)


Between the two tests, the only difference was that the post-update test was about 5 degrees warmer outside, and I had to sit at two stoplights for a while during my U-Turn.  Neither should affect the results much.


And to answer a question, no, I didn't take the photos, I had a friend do it for me.


Here are the results:  (Sorry for a couple of blurry photos)

13B07 Pre- and Post- Highway test
In case a couple are blurry, here are the numbers:
Pre-13B07         Post-13B07
9.0mi (0.0 EV)    9.0mi (0.8 EV)
36.2 MPG          38.9 MPG
21.3mi (1.9 EV)   21.3mi (4.2 EV)
38.7 MPG          42.2 MPG
30.9mi (6.6 EV)   30.9mi (10.4 EV)
43.1 MPG          46.6 MPG
So... bottom line, I definitely gained several MPG from the update.

One observation: I noticed that the eco-cruise seemed hesitant to kick into EV mode, so I was spending a decent amount of time in ICE, but even so, the MPG seemed higher.  There were several occasions where, had I been driving rather than eco-cruise, I would've dropped it into EV mode based on the upcoming road conditions.  So I probably could've improved the MPG even further by driving it myself.

Besides that, I've also noticed an improvement in my off-highway MPG.  But I haven't tested it to quantify that.

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#25961 Ford to Offer Free Updates to Boost Hybrid Vehicle Efficiency

Posted by jmckinley on 17 July 2013 - 01:15 PM

I'd like to volunteer to rewrite Ford's press release as follows:


At Ford Motor Company we are always striving to improve our products.  We are happy to announce the following changes to our Hybrid Vehicles:


  • At the initial release of our 2013 models we made sure to maximize fuel economy on the EPA test so we limited electric only propulsion to 62 mph, the max speed on the EPA test.  While this was good for advertising, we forgot that this limit negatively impacts normal freeway driving fuel economy so we are now changing the limit to 85mph so the hybrid system will actually help fuel economy on interstate highways at normal freeway speeds. This was no big deal since the Energi models already had that speed limit.
  • We equipped our hybrids with Active Grille Shutters but forgot to program them to reduce aerodynamic drag under most driving and temperature conditions or to help the engine warm up quickly.  In fact, we had no idea what they were supposed to do, only that Chevrolet advertises them all the time on the Cruze. We are reprogramming the Shutters so that they will actually do something, including faster warmups in cold weather, during air conditioner use and when the engine coolant temperature is higher.
  • Our Hybrids are equipped with electric radiator fans but we forgot to tie the fan speed to coolant temperature or any other useful parameter. We are now reducing the electric fan speed as a function of coolant temperature to minimize the fan's energy consumption which we should have remembered to do in the first place.
  • Someone noticed that it takes forever for our Hybrids' engines to warm up and in some cases never actually reach proper operating temperatures. Many owners have resorted to Duct Tape or other Southern Engineering schemes to block off grille openings to promote faster warmups and proper operating temperatures. After only twelve months of production, we finally noticed this and are now shortening engine warm-up time by up to 50 percent to enable electric-only driving and engine shutdown at stops sooner after cold starts.
  • Our Hybrids' air conditioner compressors run most of the time, not necessarily related to demand for cold air. We are now optimizing the climate control system to minimize use of the air conditioning compressor and reduce the energy used in cold weather operation.
  • We are confident that these changes and the secret changes implemented as part of the previous 3.5.1 upgrade will help improve customer satisfaction and help us sell more of these cars at profitable prices instead of having to give them away to the rental companies.

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#48347 Recurrence of battery failure

Posted by CMax-Traveler on 29 August 2014 - 12:47 AM

RobMax, sorry for the delay here, I've been away from the forum for a few days.  I have one of these devices plugged into the 12v socket in the trunk compartment (the one that never powers off).  It gives a constant readout of the current state of charge of the battery.  The current draw from that device is on the order of a couple milliamps (yes, I've tested it), so it won't drain the battery.


Since we have people on here telling people they're wrong and insulting them, essentially telling them that they aren't capable of understand what's wrong ...  (ahem) ... I'm going to attempt to explain things.




With the 12v battery, in non-technical terms, there are two things to be concerned about: State of Charge, and Ability to Hold a Charge.  The voltmeter tells you the state of charge.  You can't tell the ability to hold a charge without fancy testing apparatus or a lot of patience.  In theory, a battery that is going bad could be reading 12.5v one minute, and then a few minutes later could drop to 5.0v despite having little to no load placed on the battery -- that's the ability (inability) to hold a charge.


When a C-Max goes into the dealership with a battery problem, Ford has instituted a procedure that the dealers must perform a rather expansive test using their battery testing equipment to determine the battery's ability to retain a charge.  If the battery fails, replace the battery.  If the battery passes, search for other causes.


Another problem is, with every time a battery is drained, its long-term ability to hold a charge is substantially reduced.  So, for a car that's persistently encountering a dead state, even if the battery is initially good, it will go bad quickly.




salman - I'm not entirely certain about your statement about the problems not being due to the charging routine or the batteries.  One of the updates performed on my C-Max was a software update to the DC-to-DC converter - the module that charges the 12v battery from the 120v battery.  I also noticed that the last time I had my car jumped, the car clearly extensively charged the 12v battery (you could see the added load on the 120v system on the dash gauges), and then for several days the "resting" state of charge was around 12.9/13.0v - but several days later it fell back to 12.5v.  So I'm wondering if perhaps there's a problem in the way that the car is charging the battery, or the state of charge that it maintains, which is causing batteries to fail.  Just speculation, who knows.


In my opinion, based on everything I've read on the forums, there are many different underlying problems for this issue.  One was the SE's radios not turning off.  Another was the water intrusion.  Another was addressed in that software update as a part of the recall.  And there are others I'm not recalling.  And there's still at least one (or more) cause that remains unknown, which Ford Engineering has stated somewhat publicly that they're still working on a solution for.


For some people, replacing the battery from the bad batch that Ford got solved the problem.  For others, replacing the radio solved the problem.  For others, replacing the fuel pump or wiring harness where water intrusion / corrosion was occurring solved the problem.  But for an unlucky few of us, the problem remains.




Just so this is out there... when I encountered my last dead battery, when it went from 12.5v at 1am to dead at 10am, I took the car into the dealer, and my 12v battery passed all of the "ability to hold a charge" tests.  So, as far as Ford is concerned, my 12v battery is good - it can hold a charge.  So something else killed it overnight.  As I mentioned, it didn't rain and I didn't wash my car, so it's not a water intrusion issue -- my radio isn't in the affected batch -- all my software is current -- and the dealer checked and cleaned all of the fuel pump connectors and other connectors that have shown signs of water intrusion, and they were fine.  The dealer essentially shrugged, said they checked everything and it looks good, and sent me on my way, wishing me luck.  Not especially satisfying.


So.  In summary.  In my specific case, where we've ruled out the other known problems.  *IF* my 12v battery can hold a charge (which, according to the testing, it can), and since the state of charge was acceptable at 1am... and the connectors weren't shorted out due to water intrusion... and the radio isn't bad... the only option remaining is a there's parasitic load that very intermittently occurs, for some as-yet-unknown reason.  I've performed my own parasitic load test on the car, and under normal circumstances, there is no parasitic load.  So there must be some module, somewhere, that very infrequently turns on and gets stuck on, causing the battery to drain.  And catching it in the act is next to impossible for a layperson, because of how infrequently it occurs.




If there's anything wrong in anything I said above, please let me know -- I want to understand the underlying causes and fix this problem once and for all.




EDITED 8/29 11:30am Eastern TO ADD:

One thing I did neglect to mention... In order to accurately test the state of charge of the battery while it's still in the car, the car needs to be in "sleep" mode.  There can be little to no drain on the battery, and the DC-to-DC converter needs to be inactive.  The car goes into "sleep" mode approximately 10 minutes after it's locked (and the lift gate is closed), and wakes as soon as the doors are unlocked.  So this means the only way to accurately check the voltage on a 12v voltmeter plugged into the lighter in the back is to look in the windows before unlocking the car and after it has gone to sleep.  Anything else and you're likely not measuring the actual state of charge of the 12v - you're instead measuring the results of the charger or a battery discharging under load, neither of which are accurate.

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#38026 Moon over the 'Max

Posted by fotomoto on 16 December 2013 - 10:01 PM

This evening the planets aligned for a nice photo of our new C-Max Energi.   :camera:  I think I'm going to format it to put it on the center screen which currently has the plain jane Ford logo.  





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#26718 My 2c: EV driving

Posted by Jus-A-CMax on 23 July 2013 - 11:39 PM

As someone who did 833.8 miles for a tank, alot (79%) of those miles were in EV, so I thought I throw some driving tips for the EV mode. Those who drive City, controlling and managing your EV will give you the MOST MPG as the CMax is just the best car at these speeds.


So here goes...


Thought 1. Learn to feel the driving in EV. As stupid as that sounds, its the hardest to get use to because it is very subtle and unless you get use to it, it really wants to make you hit it with more gas to get your "surge hit" ala gas engine car.  On top of that, there is no sound to give you the auditory cues. Then on the gauge, you see there is a 1 or 2 blue bar and there is this slow momentum building. Get use to it....its different.



Thought 2 I like to to always EV from 0 to 10 mph (with traffic) or push it from 0 to 20 mph when there is no one behind me. 0 to 10, EV does a pretty good job as it seems to pretty much keep up with the regular Joe Gas driver on my left. Use 1 EV bar for the 0 to 10 and just trust that its pulling you forward and don't be tempted to hit more EV. Stick with the plan 0 - 10 and then gas it to the street speed limit + 3 mph.



Thought 3. EV is better below 45mph. It's like buying a triple Whopper and find you have 6 whopper meat in there, at those speed. Any higher speeds and you're suddenly getting Whopper juniors for the price of the triple whopper. See Thought 4 for battery management.



Thought 4. Juicing the max EV is bad waste of good energy. You're wasting the electricity and it won't give you the surge. Use gas if you want to quickly pulse to 45mph as going from 0 to 45 in EV is a total waste of the EV juice unless its down hill. 0-10 mph -> gas to 40mph on 2 bar -> let is regen and glide down to 38mph -> kick in JUS enough EV to maintain 35 mph. When I say "feather" it means you controlling the gas pedal while in EV mode and jus giving it enough to keep a constant speed - watch the speedo and see if you're drifting down or not. Ideally you picked your route so you give it the barest minimum Instant EV (on the instant gauge, it looks like zero power but with a down arrow only showing some drain - if you're really, really good - have a No Up or Down Arrow) and then you know you found the perfect route to take since you're barely burning anything. OK if its 1-5 pixels (1/4 bar). If you have to give it 1 bar EV, then your CMax is telling you the road is uphill - time to find another route. Yeah, I am talking pixels here because thats where you have to have the mindset and "what to look for" if you want to hypermile and maximize your FE driving.



Thought 5. Your battery management strategy will change depending on your speed. With freeway, you want to keep the SOC as high as possible (practically like when its 1/2 batt then its time to do pulse or ICE High MPG to recharge to 3/4 SOC) as at those speed, if you think you would use the 1/2 SOC - don't bother, its a waste of effort as it will dwindle faster than taking a dip in a freezing lake. However, at city speeds, you can afford to take it down to the threshold typically 1/3 and you get pretty good running in EV even at this low level. Use the 1 bar ICE pulse to regen. Know this difference, you will EXCEL in the City.



Thought 6. This more strategy than EVing but I'll throw it in here. While you're EVing, always keep an eye on the next traffic light and especially the pedestrian light. If its blinking, you know you have 8 seconds to make the light before yellow (this may vary by state). Sometimes, it pays to kick in ICE and get out of EV to pulse past the light...but don't fotomoto it with a 9% brake-scrreeecccchhiinnngggg score it... :drop: . Be safe and make good judgement calls. Don't be stupid and run a red light.



Yeah, if you want to maximize your EV driving, give those thoughts a GO. Its free, cost you nothing and have FUN.


See you all in the 600+ Miles CMax Club






Matt - if you want to add something here ;)


Edit: There is no 1/2 bar burn, its a 1 bar burn.

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#24416 Ford C Max taxi fleet

Posted by AZTAXI on 01 July 2013 - 02:23 PM

Hello all!

   My name is Brandon. We have about 40,000 miles on our first C max and have 10 more on the way. I wanted to say hello and I look forward to spending time here learning and exchanging information with all of you. I own and operate a taxi business and also manage a 7500 sq ft shop where we repair over 200 taxis. We never went with the Prius because we don't believe in sending our hard earned money to Japan. USA cars means USA jobs and the C max fits us perfect.

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#10337 Ford CMax Irvine Pow-Wow

Posted by Jus-A-CMax on 24 February 2013 - 12:55 AM


That's my Maxine there in the foreground with a row of other stunning beauties    :rockon:




pow-wow (also powwow or pow wow) is a gathering of North America's Native people. The word derives from the Narragansett wordpowwaw, meaning "spiritual leader". A modern pow-wow is a specific type of event where both Native American and non-Native American people meet to dance, sing, socialize, and honor American Indian culture.
As such, it is in the spirit of the Pow-Wow that Ford was gracious to host a large number of CMax Hybrid owner drivers in Irvine, California. Although no dancing or singing was visually sighted, there was a lot of socializing between actual Ford Engineers of various specialities and the CMax drivers - all in the honor of Ford's new CMax hybrid.
Background: Back in mid January, various members were posting of an Ford CMax event to be held in Irvine if you completed a survey, you got a call from the RDA Group (working on behalf of Ford) inviting you to the meeting with the Ford Engineers with a $200 check incentive at the end of the day. I and a few other posters here accept the invitation. My meeting time was scheduled at 2PM.
Cool. I'll go down there early since the traffic is horrific on Saturdays, especially down the 5 Freeway (read GOOD for hybrid drivers) and I'll "chill and ill" at Taco Bell and may be eat some lunch. I arrived at 1PM after having my Maxine's tires rotated and tanked up (chalk another 550+ miles on 1 tank). Good ole MFT Nav delivered me to the meeting site which turned out to be a huge multi level car parking lot and commercial building. No Taco Bell - well, just a sign - screwed, no lunch  :cry:  I later consoled myself with some gatorade and the granola bars...healthy food, just like healtht hybrids vs gas guzzlers.
As I stealthy approach the venue, I turned down my blaring music. Not cool to rock up with dance music at full blast.
Cruising in.....CHECK OUT all the CMaxs!
Man, it was like going into Victoria Secrets - all the birds were cute and young, some even proudly having the dealer plates. I have never seen so many CMaxs at the one spot except in a dealer yard - you name all the colors, they were there. Couple of Energis peaked my eye...hmmh...what are they doing here?
I saw lots of people with clip boards standing around, so I quietly pulled into one of the bays and was greeted by one of the 80 Ford engineers that were all brought here from Detroit, Michigan - bar the marketing group, which were the only locals here. 
Parked in the ground floor (Bay 20 if anyone wants to know)...checked out my TRIP...nice 53.8MPG (52 miles with 24EV) and 0.96 gallons at 64F. Something to show to the Engineers  :) 
Some pictures of the venue:



So this was the way it worked:
1. You checked in, sign away your life aka waivers.
2. The check in desk will call one of the group of engineers and hand them a yellow packet which has your name, VIN and customer number on it.
3. There are 8 section (groups) listed on the yellow packet: Chasis, Electrical, Exterior /Sheet Metal / Paint, Interior & Climate, Powertrain, SYNC/MFT, Vehicle Engineering, Marketing. 
4. Each group would then come and interview you, they ask you some questions and vice versa.
5. There is a test drive and an exit interview on camera. As well, there are 3 desks which Ford is showing some new videos coming out.
6. They also took the tire pressure readings (mine was 45psi) and downloaded the computer codes (yeah, the scary black box stuff that show where you were ;) ).
That's the packet:
To prepare for this event, I worked on a 15 page handout last night to give to Ford that included my 2 main issues: good ole MFT GPS and crashes including photos, some nice mileage photos and reports (as posted on this site already), my 2 x 600 mile tank runs, and some thoughts of improving the CMax and a last page to highlight this website.
Eventhough this whole event was suppose to be 2 to 3 hrs, mine actually took 4 hours and I was yabbing away with all the groups, time just flew.
I showed the MFT group my concerns with the GPS including the appalling GPS screen shots which are to hard to refute. All they can say is that an update is coming in March. They also showed me some cool stuff like Sync Services and instead of inputting the Street Address via keyboard, it was a lot quicker entering via the Voice Command (eventhough my sample address was 90% correct only...hmmh). Also, finally found out where the micro phone was - for those who don't know - it's that web thing next to the sunglass holder so speak in that direction  :salute: 
Exterior Group was the most fun. They showed me all kinds of stuff. Some I knew already and some I didn't including, there is a special liftgate window cleaner has its own little heater - next time take a look at that squiggly line under it.
Some other cool tips with the door handle:
With the keys near by, to lock the door - just slide you fingers across the black rubber part. To open, curl your finger around to the back of the black part to unlock. This is the proximity manual lock and unlock. I asked them for a proximity auto lock, which they have noted down with a smile. 
Now those who are posting on the liftgate thread - to open with 1 kick or 2, the Exterior engineers have acknowledge there is a software patch coming next month. Whats happening is that the sensor is asleep and needs one kick to unlock and another to open. For those who kick left/right, apparently the right way to do it is back/front at the center point. We also discussed the rear airflow situation where the car had a lot of dust and I pointed out to them that my car was washed yesterday and there is already a layer of dust sitting on the bumper. 
The other groups focussed on their speciality. Thanks to the many posters here, I was able to fire off a number of numbers & concerns to them which they all noted down - from the battery issue that the engineers knew about and literally they grimaced at this and it was a serious, serious issue for them just judging by their body language. We also covered other non-serious stuff such as the ergonomics of the interior, including the gear light indicator, door drink holders, pen holders, bezel around the MFT etc.
Some of the suggestions they have already heard and some raised a "oooh..thats a great one" from the Engineers. Like I said, I spent 4 hrs with the engineers and we weren't talking football.
I think I got the most "Oooooh" was just showing them what ptjones and I have done with the 600 miles on a single tank. "You did what?" ... and pretty soon I had other people coming to look at the screen shots in my package that I handed to them. They did not believe it. I showed them my fuelly.com stats as well. In regards to the mileage,
I was able to gather that other than me, there was only 1 other person there was able to get 47+ MPGs. That guy had 10,000 miles on his car and I had 7,100. I was able to prove to them that as the engine "matured", you can see the mileage improve - again, something that I posted here on this website including my Mammoth trip data. They were most impressed with the screen shots to backup my case, including the map of the route and not just "yeah, I could not that..." comment. 
I said to them, based on my driving experience and evidence in real world driving (not test in dyno or some unknown test driver), IMO, Ford was spot on that this is a 47MPG car. I think I managed to convince them that the engine break-in is more like 5,000+ and not 3,000. They asked if I thought my MPG increase had levelled out and I think I am about there as it is now....been getting 550+ miles on each tank and Maxine is at 7,100 on the odo. Pretty much steady-eddy at around the 47MPG mark.
Ford knows the mileage is a BIG issue. In the little goodies bag, there is a 4 page pamphlet that talks about this issue predominantly, which I will scan later but I am too busy typing this thread for you keen Maxers ala Rachel & Adair  ;) 
My most interesting conversation was with the marketing group. I actually met the guy who came up that Focus ad featuring the cute girl to Vegas. I let him know the current blue sketch ad has run its days and I just thought a real ad with real drivers would serve Ford more better than to poke fun at Prius with a cartoon sketch. Same goes for the Hybrid Games ads which were Internet only - just a waste of time and makes Ford look gimmicky, IMO. He was not happy with an 8 out of 10 that I gave with regard to the technology...I sense he thought it derserved a 10....I just pointed out to him that since I saw what the Tesla S did with the iPad like technology, this should have been in the CMax. He pointed out the new Lincoln MKZ has this and with a push button gear shift. Cool, now put that in the CMax and I'll give you a 10...well, I didn't say that, I just thought about it. It was a great exchange and I am there to speak what I thought and he took that in...so who knows, may be we might get to see some real person CMax ad soon....and if you do....guess who posted it first  :rockon: 
One of the funniest comment was that A LOT of CMax owners didn't know there is a rifling/telescopic steering wheel. Wow, I was stunned. So were the engineers - and not too surprising, I thought I saw a post or 2 asking for this feature so it's clear, some drivers do not know.
I did bring up the issue of the CMax in the cold and the loss of MPG. They do recognize this and for the marketing person, I said it was poor timing to release the CMax for winter and then have the 47MPG blow up. I also mention the ptjones grill covers and they said that it made sense as it traps the heat. The active shutters - none really knew the true technical parameters of it. The best answer I had was that it was tied into the coolant temp as well as speed and also the AC - a mix of three factors that would control it. So for that video that said it was "dumb", I was hearing from the engineering group, no...its not that dumb. He did say the CMax had 2 active shutter groups in there...and those who opened their front grill and confirm or deny this, I don't know but I am curious.
I left the venue at about 5:10PM, it was 65F when I got there and it was freezing when I left. Great for the Detroit engineers bar me. I did not do the test drive, talk too much and nor did I do the exit on camera interview...enough of my mug face. I was tired, cold...and theres only so much granola bars one can eat.
All up, great event. Very informative for the drivers and Ford - at least for me. I suspected Ford's intention was to 1) Educate the owners about the features of the car such as EV+ 2) Show the owners some of the cool CMax features and even I did pick some up like the door lock/unlock.
It was a WIN, WIN, WIN event for Ford and I was very surprised at A) Ford even doing this B) that I was lucky enough to be invited C) Not waste my invitation so I worked hard to get Ford some real world documented evidence of what this car can really do.
In talking to the engineers there, Ford will be holding these meetings for the Fusion Hybrid. They did one last month for the Escape and they hold these meets in their biggest markets and those who are selected must be within 100 miles of the event venue). I asked them if they will hold one in the north east but she did not know. If you get a chance...GO!
Ok, I am going to get a beer now, I am warmed up enough - at least my fingers are, after all the typing. I am sure Ronin will his part and so will some other lucky posters who made it there.
PS Drove back, all up the MPG for the 100+ mile trip was 50.5MPG...who said this was not a 47MPG car.... ;) 
Some useful links (from brochure) that a Ford staffer asked me to pass on to our community here:
Youtube.com/Fordowners  for all sorts of helpful videos about the common features of your CMax/Ford cars.

Here is a cut down list of the CMax specific features: Youtube.com-CMax only features
Here is a PDF(Depositfile.com - make sure you click on the FREE download) "Talking With Confidence About Fuel Economy", a 4 Page Brochure that discuss the MPG issue from the Ford company view point and how to improve your mileage. Basic stuff when compared to what we have here in the forum but what I like about it is that it's in a compact PDF and geared for the basic driver. After all, aren't we all hypermilers here?!?!  ;) 


Here is a sample tid bit from the 4 pager...


NOTE: Is Ford having a shot at CR and fuelly.com here? Also, the comment about the early adopters getting higher mileage being reported. Interesting, no?




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#50208 Breaking news...the glass ceiling has been broken, 901 miles tank.

Posted by Jus-A-CMax on 28 September 2014 - 09:25 PM



  :hi5: Shout out to the Lord for keeping me safe, at the expense of Maxine, my 2013 CMax. She was all bent (including frame) but got patched up by Ford Auto Body in Van Nuys, CA and I truly believe, she has a NEW spirit  - driving much better than she was before. Amazing & shes a Blessed car, I have no doubt.


:hi5:  Shout out to Matt aka Recumpence - the 1st Maxer to break the 700 and ever since then over, 40+ tanks in the 700s.


:hi5: Shout out to ptjones for breaking the 600 at the same time as me back in 2013. Skipped the 700s and went to the high 800s.


:hi5:  Shout out to all who drive and strive to break in the 600, 700, 800 - KEEP GOING...especially Brother Mike. Keep going (or come down and see me and get some tutes).


:hi5:  Shout out to the Consumer Report aka Toaster Reviews for a brilliant job of convincing us the CMax is a 38MPG car, especially in the City. Yeah, way to go fellas, :love_shower:  proving you wrong every time I get into Maxine.


:hi5:  Shout out to Ford for an AMAZING car - if you use her right & understand how she performs :)







Now, I did NOT run out of gas as my intention was to break the 900  barrier to prove IT IS POSSIBLE and get to the gas station afterwards.


I had the spare gas tank, jus in case. For me, I see it as a bonus point for NOT running out of gas to prove that I can manage my MPGs. Yeah, I could have added more miles but thats not my intention or goal.



Now, these 901 miles was done with from garage, to work, to the golf courses and back to the garage,  all City surface streets. There is no freeway miles here and given there is little difference in time saved (thanks to Los Angeles traffic), I might as well utilize the roads & MPGs. There was no special loop or special trip. Many hours at the lights waiting (can't time all of them).


SPECS on Maxine:

Maxine has  :airquote: Moi made center grill cover.

9 gas pods on the rear shelf.

Tire pressure was maintained around 50psi.

Premium Costco Tier 1 gas used, always.

Everything else is plain Jane stock SEL.



This 901 miles tank is my 8th 800+ tank as I did not count the many 600s and 700s tanks I've had. To me 800+s are DA BOMB and I try and drive these tanks day-in-day-out unless Maxine has to do camping or snow trips, then she does 600s and 700s tanks.


Now, I think its possible to break the 1000 using a non-aero modded CMax (not counting the grill cover or gas pods) - with the right traffic conditions, route and weather. Someone else can try for this...


Cheers and keep on MAXing.




PS Its camping & snow season coming up, thats it for these big tanks and its back to the 600s, 700s or mid 800s. It all depends but you know one thing, Maxine and I will be MAXing it up. By the way, I had a black SEL follow me down Glenoaks today, I wonder who that was...dude was behind Jus-A-CMax EVing and doing the rolling recharge. I think he was doing the same, he was going around the same speed as me...cruising in a 35 mph ;)

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#36368 My experience at 40,000 miles.........

Posted by Recumpence on 13 November 2013 - 10:39 AM

Hello All,


First off, I know Ptjones has a couple thousand miles more than me at this point. However, I wanted to share with all of you my personal experience as I rolled over the 40,000 mile threshold yesterday.


As you can see by the picture, my lifetime MPG (indicated) is 49.4mpg. That is figuring in an average of 42mpg over last winter. This summer was 56 to 57mpg, bringing it up to the current 49.4mpg mark. I expect that to stay through the winter because my aero mods have brought my winter mpg up from 42 or 43mpg to 50mpg.  :)


Next you will see that my EV miles are over 23,500. That means that over 40,000 miles, my engine has only run 16,500 miles. So, the engine should last the life of the car.


Now, for those who say "Yes, but your battery costs the same as an engine and will need to br replaced somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000 miles." True, but I did the math, with our current gas prices, by that time my C-Max will have saved me $24,000 in gas versus my old minivan and the battery is $3,400. So, I am still over $20,000 ahead when I get to the point of needing a battery.


At any rate, I have to say, I am 100% thrilled with my car. I could not be happier. Even with the darn Sync issues and the MPG controversy, I still love this thing.


I have to say, also, that my MPG crept up continually as I added miles even before the aero mods began. So, for those who stuggle with their MPG, stick with it, it will improve both from extended break-in, and from increased driving skill.


So, that is my story (a shortened version of it, anyway).  


Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.......    :)



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#32023 Karma, baby!

Posted by spyburn on 12 September 2013 - 10:22 AM

The first 15 miles or so of my daily morning commute takes me down a rolling, winding highway with lots of blind curves and a 55 mph speed limit.  Even at 55, it’s a fun road to drive (as long as you are awake).  This morning was foggy and cool, in the upper 60’s for the first time in months.  I was happily tooling along at the speed limit, in no particular hurry to begin the daily grind, with plenty of time to arrive at work before my staff meeting. :arrive_alive:


As I was approaching another blind curve, a black car comes flying up behind me and passes me in the blind curve (a no passing zone of course) traveling at least 85.  I don’t know what kind of car it was – the badges had all been removed and the car was painted flat black.  It sounded like a chainsaw.  Knowing this road is heavily traveled, I slowed considerably in case the “little chainsaw that could” encountered a car coming around the curve in the other direction – which it did.  The chainsaw car never even hit the brakes and the other car ran off the road and into the ditch. :gaah:


I stopped and ran across the road to check on the officer sitting in his patrol car in the ditch.  My first thought was “when did we start giving licenses and side arms to 12 year olds?”  The poor kid didn’t look like he even shaved yet,   :baby:  although I think he aged quite a bit at the close call.  On the positive side, if your life flashes before your eyes in moments such as this, his flashback sure didn’t take long!  His hands were shaking on the wheel and he was blinking a lot, but he started to get a grip shortly.  He was fine and he called it in.  I stayed with him for maybe 10 minutes until I was sure he was okay, then headed down the road toward work.


I was thrilled to find the “little chainsaw that could” about 10 miles down the road, surrounded by 4 patrol cars.  A rather disgruntled-looking handcuffed young man glared at an officer who was holding up 2 baggies – one appeared to have an oregano-like substance inside and the other a white powdery substance.  :yahoo:

So boys and girls…..what have we learned from the events of this morning?


That driving like a maniac will get you arrested for drug possession?  That speeding and passing in a blind curve is a bad idea?  That running a cop off the road isn’t smart?  Why no!  What we’ve learned is that stopping to render aid to an officer who has been in a wreck is not a good enough excuse to be 15 minutes late to a staff meeting and you will spend the rest of the week in the doghouse. :dogwalk:

Sigh…..no good deed goes unpunished. But I am comforted by the knowledge that one more maniac is off the road…for a few hours anyway.


On the positive side....while not paying attention in the staff meeting I think I learned how to use emoticons and I entertained myself! :woohoo:  

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#29585 C-Max Family Reunion...

Posted by armoredsaint on 15 August 2013 - 06:18 PM

Well sorta, had a regional sales meeting over the past two days at a hotel - the whole sales force either drives C-Maxes or Priuses .


I was only able to take a quick pic, since the hybrids were all scattered around the parking lot - there was about 6 C-Maxes and dozen and a half or so Priuses.



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#11896 Installing The Torklift Central Hitch

Posted by ArizonaEnergi on 10 March 2013 - 05:32 PM

I installed, with the help of my wife, a 2" Torklift Central hitch on our Energi today. http://shop.tlcentra...Hitch-p1080.htm It was fairly easy to do for us 60-somethings, and took about 1.5 hours, with some of that correcting a mistake I made.  The hitch costs $250 delivered within a few days of ordering.  The short instructions were good, although the pictures could have been a little clearer.  (The Prius instructions were also included and their pictures were better.)


Here's how it arrives, wrapped like a mummy.  Takes awhile to unwrap.  The hitch is well-made and painted nicely.

Attached File  Hitch 1 New.jpg   40.19KB   167 downloads


The hitch behind the car.

Attached File  Hitch 2 Behind.jpg   50.08KB   274 downloads


I rolled my car onto some leveling blocks I had from my RV days, and also used a jack to make holding it up easier as the wife wasn't up to much weight lifting and holding.  The jack could have made it a one-person job.

Attached File  Hitch 7 Jack.jpg   50.38KB   366 downloads


The hitch bolts into six threaded holes on the car.  No drilling required.  This is what makes this an easy install.  This is the driver's side attachment, with the muffler plate on top of the hitch plate.  Note: Two of the bolts are bit longer and are for the center plate. (Thank you Wife-Unit!)

Attached File  Hitch 9 DS.jpg   49.06KB   461 downloads


Here was my only problem.  There's a "tab" on the passenger side that is in the way.  It must be bent down.  Well, don't bend it toward the rear of the car as it will likely still be in the way.  Bend it toward the front to fit into the notch in the hitch frame.  As I bent this twice, along with some ballpeen adjusting, the paint came off so I touched it up with Rustoleum after I was done.

Attached File  Hitch 13 Tab.jpg   53.28KB   481 downloads


And here's the final result.  Very neat and tidy.  And the foot-activated door still works (when it works!) - just kick to the right of the hitch.

Attached File  Hitch 15 Final.jpg   40.56KB   419 downloads


I installed my bike rack and tested the door opening.  Some foam on the vertical frame covered with black duct tape will prevent damage, and the door automatically reverses, but doesn't entirely re-close, upon striking it.

Attached File  Hitch 17.jpg   73.16KB   300 downloads


So, very happy with this hitch, and we'll now be able to take our bikes along with us, and I plan to also buy a small platform from Harbor Freight for other hauling we might have. 

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#10805 Engineering Test Mode

Posted by FoutsNC on 28 February 2013 - 09:42 PM

What happens if you hold down the right OK button when starting the car?


Here's a pic of the last Ford tester that held the right button down ;)




To answer your question though, I tried it and it does nothing... I was really hoping for another set of cool stuff to come up :)

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#50823 Ford C-Max vs Prius after 1 year

Posted by ChrisMax on 16 October 2014 - 01:00 PM

We've owned our C-Max for approximately 1.5 years and have 34,000 miles on it. Most of the miles are for commuting about 80 miles a day to work. It is a mixture of speeds 50% at and 50% under 65 mph. The terrain is very hilly though not mountainous and the weather is hot in summer and very cold and snowy in the winter. In November we put snow tires on which are removed in April. I have figured the cost of gas for the C-Max to be about $290 more than the Prius using the average miles per gallon figures for the 2013 model year of both cars from the Fuelly website,(49 mpg for the Prius and 43.9 for the C-Max).
Having driven both cars the Ford C-Max wins hands down and is totally worth the extra $290 in gas. It is a much more comfortable car in fact it feels almost like a luxury vehicle. Driving is a much better experience. The view out the rear view is obstructed in the Prius and the display in the C-Max is much less complicated.

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#43266 C-MAX on the track at Indy

Posted by kostby on 21 May 2014 - 04:38 PM

It was Community Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway today.

No racers on the track today, so they open it up to the "amateurs".

Anyone can drive their vehicle for 1 lap around the track... 

at about 20mph.

There are police and safety trucks stationed strategically around the track, so no one can try out their latest racing moves, but it's still a lot of fun, if you have the opportunity.

Admission to the track today was $10 per person, and includes admission to the Speedway Hall of Fame Museum. The pit area was also open the public to browse many historic Indy race cars. I got a few snapshots of some being towed back to the museum.


Just out of the fourth turn approaching the pit entrance and much start-finish line. The Pagoda is just left of center, and the scoring pylon much further down the track.



Attached File  IMG_4324C-MAX Selfie.jpg   82.84KB   0 downloads

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#37870 Official Ford Service Rep

Posted by FordService on 13 December 2013 - 07:15 PM

Hi, everyone!


My name is Ashley and I’m your brand new U.S. Ford Customer Service rep. :)


My primary role here will be to answer any questions you may have about newer models, to assist with vehicle concerns, and to track any vehicle orders you may be placing. I am in the office M – F 2:30 p.m. until 11 p.m., but I will be transitioning to 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the start of 2014. With the holidays around the corner, there will be a few days I won’t be around, but I’ll be sure to post out-of-office messages when necessary.


Generally speaking, I’ll keep my eyes open for any relevant discussion and jump in publicly to assist whenever possible. If you have something you want to talk to me directly about, feel free to send me a PM. The only time I’ll ask you to reach out privately is when I’m looking for personal information, but I’ll make sure you guys (and gals) know what to send over if and when that time comes.


Some items that I probably won’t be able to help with include: older/high-mileage vehicles, details about future vehicles that aren’t yet made public, vehicle modifications, and questions/concerns about in-vehicle technology. We plan to add an agent who specializes in IVT (including SYNC, MyFord Touch, navigation, and SiriusXM) in the near future. We’ll be sure to let you know when he or she arrives.


I’m excited to finally be here as part of this community and I’m looking forward to speaking with you all soon!



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#30233 My first day at work in the C-max----Long post.

Posted by slampro on 20 August 2013 - 10:13 PM

I drive and help blind piano technicians. There is a little bit more information about that on my profile.


I spent from 7:30am to 5:00pm at work with the C-max. I drove 200 miles. Following is my impression. Sorry for no pics, I forgot to charge my phone last night.


It won't be technical, I can't keep up with all that stuff( I just drive). I am not now, and probably never will be a hypermiler. I drive with safety as my first priority, always have mostly doing the speed limit +/- 5ish. The way I see it, the guy behind me that sped up to ride my bumper, and wants me to speed up so he can be in front of the person in front of me, is not paying my ticket. Tickets are incremental, and the 5mph bracket is half the cost of 10+, 20+. etc over. I try to avoid other's road rage, and do what I can to not contribute to it.


I get in the car in the morning, full tank from dealer. Reset everything, car has 38 miles on the odometer. First thing I notice(yes this might disgust a few)--I can't find a stable spot for an ashtray. I could use the top of dash, but..no, not gonna happen. I could use a cup holder, but I need one(reserved constantly) for my cup(or can).  I have learned to never put an ashtray that close to an open drink, besides my passenger needs a cupholder too. The ones in the door are just too deep to be useful to me as a cupholder, and I need it for something else(more on that in a bit). So, I have the little cupholder version that came with the F150 and it has a flip open/close lid. Small enough to fit on the parking brake when parked, and while driving it fits nicely between the a/c controls and the gearshift. Problem solved(temporarily, I need a better way-I'll figure something out) . The F150 had so much room, I almost forgot a couple items in it before trade. The Escape has much more storage around the driver than the C max. I have stuff all over the Escape, but it looks like it might be somewhat of a challenge for the Max.


Now where to put the phone? Hmmm door..no good can't really get to it, weird charger routing. Little space by parking brake----occupied. Definatly not on the ledge with the MFT screen. Hmm, oh hey, this little ledge in front of the CD player, yeah I rarely use CD's anymore. Done.


Now...This one I got be able to reach in a hurry should the situation call for it. For as long as I can remember, before I even drove a cab, as a courier or pizza driver, I have ALWAYS carried protection in my cars. I leave a few blunt objects handy(big wrench, maglight, small bat, etc.) and some mace in my cars. I also carry a tazer, that fit very nicely in the door, as I have usually kept it in a door pocket(and it is almost always within reach). I like to feel safe, and like to know my wife has these items(and knows where they are) when I am not in the car. Ok....defense set. Now we go.


I pull out of the drive and head for the interstate, it's rush hour. Granted it's El Paso rush hour(that means normal traffic compared to most places), but still rush hour. It's about 3ish miles to the interstate, 40mph limit, about 5 lights or so. First on ramp, backed up- not moving. Follow the frontage road to next entrance. Backed up but moving decent. On the hi-way, doing 60-65ish, that was nice and quick..eco cruise powers activate. I drive and watch the car go in and out of EV mode. The Escape can only go about 40 tops in ev mode, and that is not easy to do. Me likey!


I drive about 18 miles at 60-65ish. Then I exit and go about 2 miles to pick up my bosses. I get to their house and was at 48.6 mpg. GREAT!

I pick up the woman of the couple, and we head to Las Cruces(40ish miles). We get to L.C. and I turn off the car get out, get her tools and .... :doh: . I didn't even look, what the hell is wrong with me? UGH..habit I guess..just doing a job.


I leave her at the University(they have to have 9 pianos tuned by the end of tomorrow), and I have to head back to El Paso for another customer. I get back to bosses house, at this point I looked at my phone...dead. MPG after return was around 38ish. I pick up the completely blind man, and we head to customers house. GPS was flawless, once I started to spell it right. Lot's of Spanish street names here, and frankly, I struggle to pronounce a lot of them. Spelling it...NO chance! The auto-fill, as in the Escape, I like. But this is a much, much upgraded system. Even the voice is more pleasant. Car never wandered off the street on the map, I used GPS all day, but this was the only place I needed it for.


 I, again just instinctively opened the door, didn't even look. I keep forgetting that it automatically keeps track of current trip and shows you when turning off. Never had a car that did that, like this. I get him set on the piano, and head out to the car. I start the car, have a/c on auto 73, and listening to the radio. Knowing he will call in an hour, I dig out the cable from my "put in car bag", and plug into the USB in the armrest. Boom..phone charging. I start cycle through menus and stuff on the dash and on MFT. Let me say this....MFT...0, nada, nothing, nope, not one issue. Worked PERFECTLY!. No problem touching the small center buttons, no severe lag, no _____________!  


After about 10 mins or so, I turn the phone on. Not much charge but enough for a phone call. I sync my phone, and BAM! First try, easy as could be. Worked perfect, as my wife :wub2: called about 5 minutes later.


There I sat idling for about 1 hour and 15 mins. I noticed it didn't kick the engine on much. Not even half as much as the Escape. Now this is really why I like the hybrid.

This is what makes the hybrid such a great car for a delivery driver. Which -- really(in one way or another(from pizza to human transplant organs))-- is what I have done for work for half my life(I considered driving a cab as being a delivery driver, just very fragile, irreplaceable, and precious cargo). I like where this is headed.


1 and 1/2 hours later(Car on the whole time)

Ring, OK he is done. I go in, and bring him back to the car. Now we head back to the university in L.C. When I got mad at myself for making the same boneheaded mistake a 3rd time, I decided I wasn't even going to try and look at the auto trip data. Because I tried to late too many times...LOL. No MPG report.


I take him to her. They were off to do what they do. I head back to the car to wait in the parking lot. Car on. Radio, auto a/c set at 73, outside temp 96(according to car). I'm not hot, so I turn the a/c to 75. After about 1/2 hour I got hot, a/c back at 73.


2 and 1/2 hours later they come out. 6 pianos done, time to go home. I look at the avg mpg on dash sitting at 36.2(since reset in the morning) NICE! Three 40 mile interstate trips and 4 hours idling. Escape would be about 28ish, F150 15-17(when I traded it in it read17.6).


Back to El Paso. After making a stop at the grocery store, I take them home. MPG is 38.4(I think, I really need to get better at this).


Drop them off, head to my home. Typical interstate traffic, busy, but moving at speed limit. Couple crazies come flying by at what must be close to 80(65 limit). Typical, no biggie. It always bottlenecks around my exit. I see it coming, and exit a couple exits early. Continue on surface streets for about 7 miles. Home. I turn off the car, and since I am now off work, I notice the display. It says 49.6 mpg on the trip home. :happy feet:  :rockon:  I opened the door, grabbed my phone and said "Dumb__s". No :camera:  but phone was fully charged.


Initial response is that I could use more reachable storage area around me. Cup holders in the back, besides the armrest ones, would be a +. Opening the roof, great view! While open it got a little hotter, not too bad. When closed, didn't feel the heat hardly at all. I was very comfortable all day. Driving and sitting for a while. It drives great! The man said he thinks it could ride better. He stopped a bit shot of saying the Escape had a better ride. I think the Max rides better, smoother.  I kinda don't like not being able to see the front end, but I can get used to it. I used to have an old Chevy van, couldn't see its' front either.


The kick gate. OH THE KICK GATE! I :love_shower:    I carry their tools. Each bag weighs at least 20-30 pounds. OH the kick gate! Sometimes there is 3 or 4 sets of tools. Pianos require a lot of specialized items and tools. The string bag weighs 50+ pounds. Did I mention the KICK GATE?!?!? When we have to take the keys and action to their shop. It requires two of us.  I have to balance a up to $20,000+ piano part, and open the door in the Escape... :worship:  KICK GATE!!!! Less cargo area than the Escape, but it holds what we need, and that's what matters.


My bosses both really got a kick out of it ;)  They both kicked it open. It hit him in the nose(very gently, not hurt at all) I told him to move back.  He :lol:. Anyway, when it hit him, it stopped. He liked that.


She is a tall woman, 6 foot. She sits in back, as it's easier for him(completely blind) to get in the front. She said she liked the backseats, and was comfortable. She commented that she liked the way it "Is kind of like a bucket seat".


This got long, and I'm tired of typing.


All in all. I like it a lot! It performed well. There are a few things that I don't like and I find that in every car I have ever had. But they are minor, I will adjust.


Oh one thing that is going to annoy me, and in fact already is annoying me. My biggest complaint. Outside of no spare(which I knew).


BUT...WTH is up with the wipers???? The passenger side only wipes half the window. I don't like it. :nonono:  It does not look like a bigger blade would work. They cross and it would hit each other. I know it's a big windshield, but I really don't like that wiper. HMM,  gonna have to get used to that, Good thing it rarely rains here, and I mostly use them with the washer.



This car is going to save me money at work, just as the Escape has. Driving the F150, I spent half my pay in gas at times.


If you made it this far........Thanks for reading my nonsense!!


Maybe too long. Maybe not detailed enough. Maybe a bit incomplete. I'm tired and wanted to get it out while I still remembered. I know there is more to say, but this'll do for now.


I have 1/2 tank of gas for tomorrow, and will likely enter my first fuelly report sometime after work.


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#21457 Saving the Environment

Posted by JohnnOhio on 05 June 2013 - 09:03 AM

Just wanted to share what happened to me today.


I live in the country so I see all kinds of animals around my place,but didn't expect this.


    I was waxing my baby out in the yard. I was sitting on the ground waxing the passenger side back door when a humming bird flew right up to me and was hovering 12 inches from my face. He stayed there for about 10 seconds and then flew over to the front door of my Maxie. He hovered around the HYBRID logo on the door for a few seconds then flew back to my face before flying off. I was amazed to have this happen.


   I just figured out what he was doing. He was saying thanks for driving a hybrid and saving his home. :doh:  Wish I could have recorded it. That would have made a good comercial for Ford. I can see it now. Show the clip and finish with (Ford     Saving the environment one tank at a time) and a little blurb over the humming bird saying Thank you Ford   :wub2:


Wait until I get back to work and tell my buddies at the Ohio EPA. They will get a kick out of it. Well back to waxing.


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